Why Is It So?

Coming soon. An occasional series of posts that examine aspects, both technical and aesthetic, about image making. Let’s face it, with the obsolescence of silver halide film, photography is going through a seismic shift in what it mean to “make” a photograph and I have no idea where this journey is taking us, but it is a wild ride on the crest of the wave and the view is pretty fantastical for all the MIP photographers!

This was triggered by watcing a program where 3 serious ameteur photographers were thrown into the deep end (don’t feel sorry for them, they volunteered) and with unfamiliar equipment had to shoot one phase each of a wedding. A more stressful assignment couldn’t be imagined, short of war photography. Although the shots they chose for judging weren’t bad they really weren’t very good both from a technical or aesthetic point of view.

Why the title “Why Is It So? This was the catch phrase for an amazing physics professor who, although of US origin, spent a lot of time in Australia featuring in physics programs on TV and lecturing at Universities. For those who grew up in that era his “Why is it so?” will never be forgotten as it ignited the desire to find out why things behaved the way they did. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Julius_Sumner_Miller

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