Nature or Science Experiment?

Helene Jaeger spent some time outdoors at Mosvannet in Stavanger, Norway.  The mercury was a frosty -5 to -10C (23-14F) and this is what the ice looked like after a few blades had run over it.   I think she took the results of a cloud chamber experiment.  What do you think?

Ice Bubbles and Tracks

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Where in the World Are The MIP Photographers?

After the craziness of the last few weeks preparing for and exhibiting at the art shows we finally got a chance to return to one of our favorite haunts for bird and flora photography.  You can see where it is by using our Where in the World are the MIP Photographers link.

A pre-dawn departure is best so that we are in the Wakodahatchee Wetlands as the sun is rising with the birds as they feed their young ones.  Things were a bit quiet as it is still early breeding season but after hearing an alligator calling for a mate we saw the offending creature.  What a beauty!  We estimate at least 12 foot (4m) long, gliding, in a “Loch Ness” silhouette towards a small island where several birds, including an egret and some large ducks were standing.  Wondering if the ‘gator was planning an assault we watched.  Then to our surprise it reared up and bellowed its mating call.  The birds are either stone deaf or don’t care, they didn’t flinch.  After about 10 minutes of this and with no obvious response our scaly friend submerged to his (we assume) eyeballs and slipped away.

As if that wasn’t enough there are a couple of birds that have been very elusive to date.  Today was the day for a Roseate Spoonbill to present itself and be photographed!

In the next week we should have the best of our shots in the MIP Galleries.

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2013 Starts With a Bang!

Hello Everyone,

MIP has done it again!  At the January Broward Art Guild’s juried Winter themed exhibition we were awarded a Judge’s Recognition Award for Winter Blues @ Dead Lakes.  See this and all our accepted and awarded images here.

Don’t forget we will be showing at the 26th Boca Raton Art Festival on the 12th & 13th Jan, 2013.  Catch up with us at the 24th Delray Beach Art Festival and through the 16th to 18th Feb you can find us at the 2013 ArtiGras!

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