Tri-County Biennial Art Exhibition – 2013

The MIPsters put their thinking caps on in January to come up with submissions to the show that all of South Florida’s artists and beyond try to get into.  We’ve had a good run with our entries to the Broward Art Guild over the last year but this is a step up to try submit for the Tri-County Biennial Art Exhibition

All four of us submitted and all four have been accepted!  The race is on now to get the prints printed, framed and delivered.

If you are in the area do drop in!  If we pick up an award we’ll let you know and maybe you’ll want to have a copy for yourself.

You can see our entries at Mosaic Images Photography and don’t forget you can invest in our prints for yourself or as a present or grab an Instant Download for your screen saver, digital picture frame or TV slideshow.

The End of the Art Show Season in Florida for MIP

ArtiGras ended with a bang for MIP.  We just love it when somebody takes a long hard look at what we have on offer and says; “I’ll have those 3 and I might take a fourth from your Gallery.”  For a day, which traditionally is slow, we had good results.

MIPs next effort, apart from our ongoing attempts so wow the judges at the Broward Art Guild will be an exhibition of all 4 MIPers in Sydney.  Date TBA but we’re pretty sure it will be a return to our favorite location, One+2 in the middle of this year.

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ArtiGras 2013 – Day 3

How weird is that? A chilly and windy day yesterday saw penguin pictures fly out of the booth!  It is forecast to be a touch warmer for the President’s Day Holiday today.  Let’s hope the cooler weather doesn’t hold back the crowds.  If you can make it we’d love to see you.  SPOT has us marked!

For more pictures “As Nature Intended” see Mosaic Images Photography for Instant Downloads or Fine Art Prints.

ArtiGras 2013 – Day 2

It has dawned a wee bit chilly today.  Something about an Arctic Blast down the eastern seaboard, so it will be interesting to see how many venture out in the 5-9C (42- 48F) forecast temps today!!!

And I promise to turn SPOT on so you can see exactly where we are (Where in the World … Link and then Satellite View – of course)

Can’t make it to ArtiGras?   No problems.  All our work and more is available on line at Mosaic Images Photography.  See you there or at the show 🙂

MIP at ArtiGras 2013

ArtiGras 2013 is where you’ll find MIP.  Booth 508 on the northern arm just yards (meters) from the 4 way intersection.  Drop in and see what is new.  For the first time this year all four MIP photographers have images on show.  It was a bit damp when we arrived to setup today (Friday) so here’s hoping that the weather gods have been appeased.

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Where in the World Are We?

Feel up a challenge with something at the end?  Use our SPOT tracking system “Where in the World are the MIP photographers?”  Leave a comment as to the place (name) we are shooting at AND the place we are having lunch at and the one that leaves the first correct answers can choose an image from our Galleries and we’ll send you a printable JPEG.  (small print:  judges decision is final and no purchase required – void where illegal in the galaxy)

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B&W is Still a Strong Contender

We are happy to announce that Patti, Gregory and Roxanne all had pieces judged and hung in the Broward Art Guild’s latest show.  B&W.  Patti was awarded a Judge’s Recognition prize for her work.  See them here.

This show had a very high standard of entry and we are proud to be side by side with the best of the Borward County artists.  B&W photography is not dead.  For the artist it does make you work harder as you try to visualize the finished result in B&W and  tones of grey.  A challenging assignment for all concerned and we are happy to have met that challenge.

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How Is It Made?

The art and science of lens design and manufacture has many secrets and this little promo film probably doesn’t show any but it does highlight the care and attention that some lens makers still apply.  Thanks to Franz Scheurer for finding this gem.

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